Oil with character


Parameter Moment bottled Extra virgin max. limit. (EEC) No. 2568/91
Acidity (% oleic acid) ≤ 0.2 ≤ 0.8
Peroxide value (meq o2 / kg oil) < 12 < 20
UV-K 232 < 1.90 < 2.25
UV-K 270 < 0.12 < 0.25

This variety comes from Navarra and Álava. The trees are small and rustic in appearance and they adapt well to cold climates.

Mouth feel
An intense, green, fruity oil, with clear vegetable notes reminiscent of olive leaves and vegetables (artichokes, tomato plants, etc.). Very strong on the palate and initially very bitter, turning distinctly astringent and ending with a clearly peppery aftertaste. These powerful sensations are correctly balanced by the intensity and complexity of the fruitiness and are highly appreciated when an intense and persistent oil strongly reminiscent of olives is called for.

Yellowish green.

The careful handling of the olives during and after harvesting, and the regulation of the pressing process and storage, are designed to produce an oil that expresses its full aromatic potential and guarantee a sufficient shelf life. When the oil is bottled, the following limits are set for the physicalchemical properties of each batch according to the processes before detailed.

Black glass bottle which protects the oil from light and maintains its organoleptic and nutritional properties intact. 250 ml – 500 ml

Pairing suggestions
Its strong aroma and taste usually dominate and should be taken into account when pairing this oil with food. The aromas blend with those of the other ingredients, tending to overpower less intense flavours, while it adds bitterness and a noticeable pepperiness when used raw.

It is an excellent flavour enhancer for meats, particularly rare red meats. It is the perfect dressing for veal steaks, beef and steak tartare.

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