Oil with character


Parameter Moment bottled Extra virgin max. limit. (EEC) No. 2568/91
Acidity (% oleic acid) ≤ 0.2 ≤ 0.8
Peroxide value (meq o2 / kg oil) < 12 < 20
UV-K 232 < 1.90 < 2.25
UV-K 270 < 0.12 < 0.25

Typically grown in the Lower Aragón region. The name comes from the Catalan word empelt which means ‘graft’, as this variety was grafted onto other older species that already existed on the peninsula.

Mouth feel
Very fruity with aromas reminiscent of walnuts and freshly-cut grass. Ripe olives have a characteristic sweet profile; olives picked earlier contain higher levels of polyphenols that give the oil greater strength, a clear but pleasant pepperiness and bitterness, and a distinctive residual astringency, all of which enhance the complexity of its aroma.

Straw yellow and old gold. Although if the olives are picked at the start of the harvest the oil usually has low intensity green tones.

Chemical properties
The careful handling of the olives during and after harvesting, and the regulation of the pressing process and storage, are designed to produce an oil that expresses its full aromatic potential and guarantee a sufficient shelf life. When the oil is bottled, the following limits are set for the physical-chemical properties of each batch according to the processes before detailed.

Black glass bottle which protects the oil from light and maintains
its organoleptic and nutritional properties intact. 250 ml – 500 ml

Pairing suggestions
The non-dominant character of this oil makes it particularly suitable for use in recipes where the olive oil acts as a vehicle for other more characteristic aromas, thus avoiding interferences with the final profile.

In addition, its low concentration of green pigments makes it ideal for dishes which would not benefit from any colour being added to the base ingredients (for example, sauces and mousses).

It combines extremely well with carbohydrates, making it ideal for use in baking.

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